Digitalization of Audits

Welcome to Omnex Systems and our feature rich tool for managing audits, Audit Pro. Audit Pro was developed by seasoned Lead Auditors who have deep audit skills and knowledge across industry practices including automotive, aerospace and electronics.

Audit Pro is an audit management solution that is an integral part of Omnex' Enterprise Quality and Integrated Management Software Suite, or EwQIMS. Audit Pro efficiently manages all types of audits (internal, second party, customer and even registrar audits). Audit Pro helps to Digitalize your entire audit lifecycle – planning, scheduling and monitoring the status of audits & non-conformances.



▸ Manual scheduling of audits that can be deceptively complex and prone to errors in addition to time lost from co-ordinating and confirming audits

▸ Effective audit schedule management – no scheduling conflicts/no double booking of audits; management of multiple audits, auditors, auditees, audit types and programs on a single scheduled, automated cycle

▸ Tracking auditees’ non-conformance (NC) history is tedious

▸ Easy tracking of auditees’ non-conformance (NC) history

▸ Submission of audit reports through hardcopies & e-mails

▸ Automated generation and submission of audit reports

▸ Difficulty in tracking NCs and the status of completion of CAPA

▸ Real-time monitoring of audit & CAPA status

▸ Perils of spreadsheets that make tracking audit records overly complicated

▸ Audit calendar with color-coded visual snapshots of the assigned audits

▸ Collating audit records over a period to draw trends of auditor utilization, repeated NCs and audit delays is laborious

▸ Instant generation of trend charts - auditor utilization, repeated NCs & status delays, notifications & reminders when actions are overdue

Layered Process Audits – Internal audits performed by multiple levels within the organization

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