Supplier Quality Management

Supplier Quality Management is not an unsolved puzzle!

Suppliers form a critical part of a manufacturing organization. Managing suppliers and maintaining the relationship with them plays a crucial role in the success of any manufacturing enterprise. Organizations define and track the supplier metrics to reduce their time to market, reduce cost and differentiate themselves from their competitors. Commonly, this is a manual process and is very time consuming. This process can become even more complicated and cumbersome with organizations having hundreds of suppliers with a vast global spread and the need for coordination and tracking by SQE’s across different programs. These complications end up diluting the intent of a Supplier Quality Management System making digitalization an evitable need for all organizations.

Establishing a robust Quality Management Solution is vital for an organization to overcome the problems brought on by a manual system. Omnex’s Supplier Quality Management allows organizations to manage their suppliers at their fingertips utilizing a central repository of supplier information including their Documents, PPAPs, APQP, Audits, Inspections, and SCARs. The benefit of this system is in the ability to define, measure and monitor supply chains with their ratings and improvements and be able to decide on continual improvement plans with them as needed.


Supplier Quality Management Portal

Salient Features

Supplier APQP PPAP Part Deliverable Tracking Issue Register
Deliverable Document Submission Status Supplier Portals Supplier Metrics


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