Electric and Autonomous Vehicle Platforms for ASPICE and ISO 26262 Functional Safety

Electric and Autonomous Vehicle Platforms for ASPICE and ISO 26262 Functional Safety Webinar

Description :

As the market for Electric and Autonomous Vehicles grows and regulators and customers demand ever greater levels of quality and performance, the automotive manufacturers have looked to Functional Safety and ASPICE. Risk mitigation in hardware and software amid an ever increasing market is changing how suppliers look at product and process development, product usage, feature anomalies and product failures. With required implementation of Functional Safety and ASPICE, becoming well versed in strategies and tools is critical.

Traditional software solutions for APQP do not include functionalities for HARA or Configuration Management. The multiple software packages, often from multiple software suppliers and which are separate software systems, do not integrate well with each other. Omnex has found, during assessments, a software package for HARA, a separate package for requirements, a lack of integration between Functional Safety and ASPICE requirements, and a separate package that manages Functional Safety plans & ASPICE project plans. Even more, configuration management is managed by yet another stand-alone software system.

The added complexity of a global multi-site supply base magnifies the negatives for a stand-alone system interface, including communication between operations, ease to share lessons learned, availability of support services, implanting systems, hardware, software and user languages. All of these short comings become hyper-critical with the tiered supply chain supplying this type of global supplier.

The lack of integration between the elements of the BOM and the functionalities, make conformance to IATF 16949, Functional Safety and ASPICE difficult. This webinar will focus on the problem and a solution of Omnex’s one tool that integrates the system, software, hardware and the entire Supply Chain around the different functionalities of Functional Safety and ASPICE.

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