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It takes Two to Tango! FMEA & 8D

FMEA & Problem Solving are two integral elements for improving Enterprise performance through improving Product/Process Quality, Reliability, Reduced Development time, Reduced Warranty and Claims and much more. Without Integrated FMEA & Problem Solving software, the value of utilizing FMEA and Problem Solving for your organization is lost. Omnex Enterprise APQP Suite integrates FMEA & Problem Solving seamlessly for a perfect Tango!

  • Standardizes your FMEA and documentation across the enterprise
  • Initiate Problem Solving from FMEA’s for Root cause analysis
  • Update FMEA’s after Problem Solving with Failure, Causes, & Action Plans
  • Automated "three click" Process document creation builds FMEAs and Control Plans in minutes, not hours
  • Dynamic Data Linkages between DFMEA, DVP&R, PFD, PFMEA, CP, Work Instructions & PSWs
  • Automate Concerns & Problem Solving right from the inception of the complaint to its closure with permanent corrective action
  • Complete and Accurate Status of all Customer Complaints
  • Online 8D forms with Problem Solving tools like 5Why, 5W-2H, Is-Is Not, Possible Cause, Fish Bone etc..
  • 50% improvement in product & process quality, customer complaints & warranty issues.
  • 70% time reduction for APQP & PPAP documentation
  • 90% reduction in document and data mismatching between documentation submitted to customer
  • 100% compliance to managing multiple customer formats
  • Knowledge management and sharing best practices across different sites
  • 70% faster response time to all concerns including customer complaints
  • 80% faster & more effective Problem Solving

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