NPI/APQP Platform

Simplify Your New Product Launch with Our NPI/APQP Software Platform

  • Enterprise NPI/APQP Platform to manage New Product Launches for you and the Supply Chain.
  • Integrated Software Platform to Develop and Manage: Advanced Product Quality Planning, Requirements Management, Development of (DFMEA /PFMEA, Control Plan, Work Instructions), Inspection Control, Gages, Calibration & MSA Management, Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA), KPIs Management, & Document Management.
  • AI, Mobile Apps, Cloud & Business Intelligence Powers NPI / APQP Digitalization.
  • Connect & Collaborate with your Teams – VIRTUALLY ANYWHERE through automatic email notifications.
  • Intuitive, quick & easy user interfaces to perform complex tasks.
  • Platform available on Cloud or On-Premise.
  • Global Software Implementation Services which combine software usage and standard methodologies.
  • Designed by the Experts of the Writing Committee of Multiple ISO Standards (see below)
IATF 16949, AEROSPACE PPAP, AS9145, AS13004, ISO 13485, ISO 9001, ISO 27001
Automotive, Aerospace, Medical Devices, General Manufacturing.
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Features and Benefits (NPI/APQP Software Platform)

APQP / New Product Development Project Management ADD ON

  • A comprehensive and Integrated NPI/APQP Platform to Manage Internal & Supplier Quality.
  • Manage NPI/ APQP projects - Track resources, timelines, deliverables, documents, and quality.
  • Collaborate, connect, and monitor program status in real time.
  • Hassle-free management of project risks, APQP critical paths, project reviews, and more…

Requirement Management ADD ON

  • Manage VOC, functions, and requirements in one place.
  • Flow down requirements and the BOM (Bill of Material).
  • Forward and backward traceability of requirements.
  • Requirements review and revision management and more…

APQP/ PPAP Documentation (D/PFMEA, Control Plans) CORE

  • Develop integrated and linked block diagrams, boundary diagrams, parameter diagrams, interface function matrix, DFMEA, and DVPR/Test Plans.
  • Develop integrated and Linked Process Flows (PFD), PFMEA, Control Plan, Checksheets, and Work Instructions.
  • Design and Process Re-Use using product families and multiple libraries.
  • Supports AIAG 4th edition,AIAG VDA FMEA handbook, SAE J1739 standard, Design and Develop Customer-specific Formats and more.

Change Management ADD ON

  • Effectively manages change requests - Engineering Change Request (ECR), Engineering Change Notification (ECN), Internal Change Request, Supplier Change Request, and many more.
  • Configurable Change Management Forms (CMFs) and approvals.
  • Visibility of all change requests and status.
  • Tracks all actions from change request to completion; integrated with notifications, reminders & escalations, and more.

Inspection Control & Management ADD ON

  • Integrated Incoming Inspection, In-Process and Final Inspections Linked automatically from Control Plans to Check sheets.
  • Mobile App for operators to collect data offline.
  • Review process capability studies.
  • Integrated with problem-solving techniques and more…

Gages, Calibration & MSA ManagementADD ON

  • Manage the Entire Life Cycle of Gages
  • Conduct Bias, Calibration, Linearity GRR Studies and Stability studies for both Variable and Attribute Gages
  • Automated notifications and reminders on Gages due for calibration.
  • Various visual gage management and reports and more…

Corrective and Preventive Management (CAPA) CORE

  • Integrated solution for All QMS – Internal and external customer complaints.
  • Manage, track and implement corrective action & preventive actions.
  • Linked 8D, 7D, CAR, Advanced CAR, PRR, FRA/PSD, and L0 with problem-solving tools like 5Ys, Is-Is Not, 5W2H, Fish-Bone.
  • Closed-Loop quality integrated with FMEAs and more…

KPIs Management ADD ON

  • Out-of-the-box Business Intelligence reports are available.
  • Define KPIs, dashboards and standardize them across the enterprise.
  • Visually explore data and get newer insights on quality data.
  • Drag and drop to build your own reports – Zero programming required

Document Management CORE

  • Manage All APQP / NPI Documents in one place.
  • Workflows to Manage Document Reviews & Approvals.
  • Manage Change Control, Revision Control, & Distribution Control.
  • Single-Source of Truth for Document Requirement and more…

O-BOTS (PPAP/ Work products reviews using Artificial Intelligence) Add On

  • Omnex Software Solution EwQIMS - Utilizes Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning Algorithms to Review PPAPs/Work Products, Including DFMEA, DVP&R, PFMEA, Control Plan PSW, and Dimensional Layouts, etc.
  • Validate Simple Logic-Based Rules to Complex Natural Language Processing rules like a human.
  • Recommendation Systems to Guide in the Development of the APQP/PPAP Work Products.
  • Pre-defined with 300+ PPAP Rules Allowing You to Modify the Rules to Fit your Organization's Expectations.
  • Automatically generate reports on the quality of the PPAP, allowing it to be corrected before being sent to customers and more.
NPI APQP software Solution

Use Cases

  • All in ONE platform: Multiple activities and programs under the same umbrella.

Use Cases

  • Return of Investment: Ensures ROI due to different software concepts proven to reduce time spent by users with at least 55%.


The EwQIMS software is in compliant with the following standards: IATF 16949, ISO 9001, AS9145, ISO 14001, ISO 13485 and many others.

Yes, the software solution operates on a role-based system, enabling administrators to assign rights based on job requirements.

The EwQIMS Software solution provides both Dashboards and BI reports to each individual user providing the possibility to customize the reports based on needs.

Any time a task is allocated to an user, the respective user will receive an email notification. If the user doesn’t respond on the defined time the software has the capability to send automatic reminders and escalations.

The system is capable to have defined reminders and escalations based on each organization preferences. Omnex Systems is committed to support all customers with the best practices and also system setup.

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