Digitalization of New Product Development

Digitalization of New Product Development

Digitalization is the use of technologies to convert a process into digital information. The process performance turns into data that can be used to manage the process. The goal of digitalization is to reduce the number of steps in a process, reduce lead time, and increase efficiency.

Today’s New Product Development (NPD) projects are mechatronic, with a tremendous amount of electronics and software. In fact, data shows that 20-50% of warranty issues in vehicles include software as a root cause. Today’s NPD digitalization efforts often include software, hardware, and global product development teams in implementations. Digitalization makes every field of data available for analysis, whether inside the company or in the supply chain. With a tremendous amount of data available in the digitalization process, Business Intelligence and analytics, play a key role in utilizing that information.

Implementation of a digital platform will provide:

Visibility of product development

Visibility of product development status across the enterprise

Standardize launch new products

Standardize and reduce lead time to launch new products

communication of program

Allow seamless communication of program timelines, work products, and reviews among internal product development teams, customers, and suppliers

Omnex methodlogies requirements

Ensure all requirements are managed, designed, and verified

Utilize an integrated platform

Utilize an integrated platform to link requirements, design, manufacturing, product inspections, and CAPA

Significantly reduce the development effort

Significantly reduce the development effort of work products

Launch new programs

Launch new programs using lessons learned from previous best-in-class launches

AI/machine learning

Use AI/machine learning expert systems to provide defect prevention and avoidance

Business Intelligence

Enable Business Intelligence to provide precise KPIs and organization performance for easy conversion into actionable insights

A Virtual Collaborative New Product Development Platform will empower product teams to demonstrate higher levels of innovation and speed to market compared to conventional methods like e-mails, spreadsheets, and silo software. Configurable platforms, when available out-of-the-box, helps product development teams to get immediate benefits and shorter ROI.

“Digitalization of New Product Development” by Chad Kymal, CTO, Omnex Inc. and Antony John, VP Omnex Systems Inc.

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