Omnex BOTs or (O-BOTs)

O-BOTs can process all 18 PPAP documents submitted in excel format. O-BOTS, with their AI algorithms, will run more than 300+ business rules to validate the PPAP submissions. These rules will range from simple validations to check if the Recommended Action has a Responsibility or Target Date, to more complex NLP rules, like if the Failure is a derivative of the Product or Process Characteristics.

O-BOT rules also include validation and correlation between documents; for example, if any Critical Characteristics are identified in the Process Flows/FMEAs, they have controls in the Control Plan. O-BOTs will then provide a precise report on the overall quality of the PPAP submission to the PPAP reviewer. PPAP reviewers could also train the O-BOT to accommodate internal rules and exclusions.

The Benefits of O-BOTs

  • From 100% work product reviews, no more sampling.
  • Culture change from documents to data - data is king.
  • Fewer quality problems and reduced process inefficiencies.
  • Greater accuracy, consistency, increased stability, and speed.
  • Improved productivity.

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