Innovating on the FMEA with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is NOT in the distant Future, it is here NOW. Whether you like it or not, Artificial (AI) has become part of everyday life; from “OK Google,” SIRI, and Alexa; to Amazon Orders and Netflix suggestions, AI is changing the User Experience. Expect AI to innovate product design and manufacturing, this is a first of a series of innovations, beginning with both AIAG 4th edition and AIAG-VDA FMEAs. With more and more organizations considering FMEA software in their digitalization strategy, AI can help the development of FMEAs, especially with remote working becoming a new normal.

If you want to know about how AI can help develop FMEAs at an expert level, join us in this webinar to learn how: · AI can provide recommendation systems to guide the Engineering & Quality Teams in developing FMEAs. In other words, as you build the FMEA, AI will advise you on what to do. · AI can validate Design FMEAs & Process FMEAs and provide feedback as an expert with pre-defined machine learning rules. · Support AI in facilitating the two popular FMEA editions: AIAG 4thedition and AIAG VDA. · Find out how AI can be part of every Enterprise Digitization Strategy for Enterprise Quality.

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